Happy Sacks’ Fried Dumplings


It’s been a long time since I’ve last made something that resembles “food”, all thanks to my dear friend, procrastination.  I totally miss setting up my “table” for picture purposes that it was such a great news to hear from a friend if we could take pictures of their product. Who would say no to that? Add to the fact that she already has plenty of props ready, yipee!

First up for this batch is their Fried Dumplings which I was able to gobble up after the shoot for free, what a treat for my happy tummy 🙂







Placemats makes me giddy 🙂


Butterbeer and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans



Thanks to Harry Potter and Pepper.ph.

Three glasses. The first one was a fail – too much caramel, 2nd one was ok but there wasn’t much bubbles, 3rd one – I’ve only dropped a tiny bit of caramel and a whole lot of A&W Cream Soda.



and because I have no more pictures of this set to share: glasses, skittles and broken frames.



Chocolate-covered Strawberries


Got a chance to buy same decent looking strawberries at Savemore and decided to make this. Frozen strawberries makes a great alternative to artificially flavored ice pops as well. Yum 🙂

_1040184Anyways, it should have popped into my mind that one should wait for a couple of minutes for the melted chocolates to cool off before dipping the strawberries in it, it would have made my life easier.


Toasted some bread as well and topped it off with whipped cream and cinnamon. I just come to love the smell and taste of cinnamon now – my new fave 🙂


And a lonely looking hearty strawberry ♥


Fried breakfast


Breakfast on a Sunday with the whole family around and no, we usually don’t have this kind of fancy shmancy breakfast food.

Aside from the fact that all of these are processed food, you should also take note that all of these are “fried”… except for the grapes and … parsley (does that even count?!).


One-step pancake mix.


The menace behind my big numbers – eggs


and more eggs.


and of course bacon ♥


garnish it with grapes and parsley to taste color.


and my Butanding who was in the mood to have his picture taken.


Shrimp and corn (overload) chowder


Grabbed this recipe from the back of Alaska Evaporada 😉 I didn’t really follow it to the tiniest details but I love the result. A very fulfilling soup, top it off with a whole can of corn to feed my addiction.


Took me 2 hours to prepare this dish, boy is shrimp peeling a tedious task.


Sautee garlic, onions and shrimp and set aside.


Boil water and potatoes then add milk and cheese then the shrimps when  potatoes are already  cooked and you’re done!


Bacon-filled “lunch”


Bacon-mushroom dip and bacon-wrapped asparagus.


I was really trying to make my own version of Cafe George’s bacon-mushroom dip on this one but I don’t think I even came close. The taste still works for me though, all that cheese(cream cheese + mozarella) in the dip is heaven ♥


I also bump into our dear asparagus at Robison’s and finally had the courage to buy it since I am curious as to how this creature taste like after reading and seeing about it on different food blogs. Asparagus is not a household name for me at all. “A” tasted quite bland actually but crunchy, wrapping the bacon in it gives A the chance to absorb B’s unhealthy but flavorful taste.


Spaghetti Bolognese


Should have been the 4th entry, but who cares? … Well I do.

If my FB wall serves me right, I made this in the midst of being stressed out. “Boys” really are more indecisive than we give them credit for.



Fettucini + Ground Beef + Mushroom + Bolognese mix + Tomato & Three-Cheese sauce


and a pack of store bought garlic bread as props.


bolognese_2bolognese_1All thanks to the convenient Robinson’s at my workplace.